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Which Natural Treatments Work Best for Herpes?

Which Natural Treatments Work Best for Herpes?

Many people all over the world have been diagnosed with herpes. If you have herpes, you are likely wondering what the best natural treatment that will work best to treat the symptoms. Herpes, or to use its full name, the herpes simplex virus, is a virus that causes contagious sores. These sores are usually found around the mouth or the genital area. 

Where does it come from? 

The herpes virus, or HSV, is made up of 2 different types – HSV-1 and HSV-2. Once contracted, the virus stays with you for life. HSV-1 is responsible for cold sores and fever blisters commonly found around the mouth, lips and sometimes on the palate. HSV-1 is also known as oral herpes because the symptoms occur around the mouth.

HSV-2 on the other hand, is a virus infection that is the cause of genital herpes. This type of herpes is spread by sexual activity and the infected person will pass it on to his or her partner. It also spreads through skin to skin contact. A person with genital herpes will have small white blisters or small red bumps around his or her genitals and sometimes the surrounding area. 

What are the symptoms? 

The symptoms of a herpes infection are also called an outbreak. An outbreak is when the infected person develops small, painful blisters in either the mouth area or the genitals, depending on the type of HSV infection present. 

Once the blisters break, they form ulcers. These in turn develop scabs which fall off as the ulcers heal. 

Herpes is highly contagious. Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 can also shed skin or mucosa that doesn’t look as though it is infected or has any symptoms.  

How can it be treated?

Herpes cannot be cured. It is a lifelong resident in your body. There are, however, treatments available that can help ease the pain and discomfort experienced during an outbreak. 

Doctors generally prescribe antivirals for the treatment of herpes; both type 1 and type 2. Antiviral medication may relieve some of the symptoms, but will not rid your body of the virus. Some of the antivirals that are typically prescribed are Famciclovir, Acyclovir and Valacyclovir. These drugs are also known to present unpleasant and distressing side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, depression and stomach pain. They can also cause more serious side effects including allergic reactions. 

Natural treatments available

Bearing in mind that the typical prescribed medications have intense side effects and may have very little effect on the symptoms of herpes, it is also worth considering alternative natural treatments. 

Natural Cold Sore Treatment HX-2 Live Life Free
Natural Cold Sore Treatment HX-2 Live Life Free

Both lemon balm and propolis have shown to provide some relief from the inflammation and discomfort of a herpes outbreak, as well as aid the healing process of the sores.  

L-lysine is an essential amino acid that is found in protein. It is not produced by the body so must be ingested by eating foods containing it. These include beef, chicken, turkey, soy beans, eggs and sardines. While the amino acid cannot cure herpes, it plays a role in slowing down the HSV-1 replication process. 

A number of antiviral herbs such as Echinacea, garlic, wild oregano, licorice root, and elderberry can be used, either as a supplement or an additive to your food. 

Additionally, vitamins play a large role in protecting your body against illness by boosting your immune system. Vitamin C, zinc, as well as B vitamins can help boost your immune system.

Other treatments

There are other forms of treatment that can be beneficial in relieving pain and discomfort. One of these is the use of corn starch paste. When applied to the affected area, it may help to relieve itching and dry out lesions or sores. 

Garlic is believed to have antiviral properties. Crushed and then mixed with a little olive oil, it can be applied to the affected area up to 3 times a day. 

Topical apple cider vinegar is also a treatment that has received notice. As it is known to have both anti inflammatory and antiviral properties, it can assist with redness, itching and tender skin. 

Some commercially available formulas such as H Rescue, terragen, Herplex, or Herpecillin try to offer relief but the their efficacy is marginal at best.

A highly effective treatment is available

If the number of natural and alternative treatments available for herpes is overwhelming, you will be happy to find that there is a treatment that promotes a healthy immune response. What is fantastic is that it is drug-free, GMO-free and gluten-free. No nasty side effects, non-addictive, it is highly effective in treating herpes. 

HX-2 from Herpesx.com is an all-natural dietary supplement with very positive results from thousands of users. The ingredients of this supplement – natural vitamins, amino acids and herbs – all work together to help your body’s immune system. HX-2 from Herpesx.com maximizes your body’s natural protein synthesis and suppresses the herpes virus’ ability to replicate. 

If you are hoping to lessen the intensity of an outbreak, HX-2 from Herpes.com will help. In fact, taking it both before and during an outbreak is highly effective. Additionally, it is also highly effective when taken as a daily prophylactic as it can prevent outbreaks altogether.   

Make a difference in your life. Choose a highly effective herpes treatment. Find out more, or order your HX-2 from HerpesX.com today.

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