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What’s the Worst That Could Happen with Herpes?

You’ve been diagnosed with herpes, either type 1 or type 2. You’ve had cold sore and fever blister outbreaks every so often. It’s likely you aren’t feeling too great. You’ve also been told by your doctor that the herpes virus stays with you for life. Now you are wondering what’s the worst that can happen with herpes. 

Living with herpes means that you have a virus that can be easily transferred to other people. In fact, many people who have herpes do not know that they do. They unsuspectingly pass it on to other people. This can happen when there is no visible outbreak. Typical outbreaks are fever blisters and cold sores around the mouth. In the case of genital herpes, these outbreaks can be painful and uncomfortable. Asymptomatic herpes sufferers, in other words, those who do not show any visible signs of the virus, can also spread the virus. This can happen through viral shedding. Viral shedding is when a person has the virus, whether he knows it or not, and his body, while hosting the virus cells, releases infectious particles of the virus into the atmosphere. 

Does herpes stop you from having a healthy sex life? 

If you’re thinking that the worst that can happen with herpes is a halt on your romantic and sexual life, you can stop right there. While herpes is contagious and is spread through contact during sex, you can prevent this from happening. The first thing to bear in mind is honesty. If you know that you have herpes and you are planning on having sexual relations with your partner, it is necessary to let them know that you do have herpes. During a herpes outbreak you will have cold sores and blisters and are unlikely to want to be intimate during this time. However, when the symptoms have cleared and there are no more visible sores on your body, you can be intimate. It is best though, to ensure that you use a condom during sex to ensure that both you and your partner are protected from the spread of the virus. 

I have herpes. Does this mean I am dirty? 

Courtesy of social stigma and misinformation, a large number of people believe that the worst thing that can happen with herpes is that they are unsanitary or dirty. This is far from the truth. In fact, many people have been diagnosed with having herpes. Statistics from the WHO indicate that over 491.5 million people in the world have herpes. This staggering number only indicates those who know they have herpes. There are many more who are asymptomatic and as such, unrecorded thus the number is  undoubtedly much higher. The stigma surrounding herpes and herpes sufferers is unfound and untoward. Many of those who have been diagnosed report feeling blame, shame, embarrassment and low self-esteem. It is not your fault. It means that you are a totally normal person who got infected with a very common virus.  

I get painful cold sores and fever blisters during an outbreak

For some people who are suffering from the symptoms of herpes believe that the worst thing that can happen with herpes is the pain, discomfort and embarrassment they feel when an outbreak occurs. While these are the symptoms of herpes, they can be controlled. Some sufferers rely on over the counter products or a doctors’ prescription for an anti-viral to help ease the discomfort, which only shortens the length of an outbreak by a minuscule amount. Others use home remedies. While all these can help ease discomfort, they are not a cure. 

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