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Do I have to tell my partner I have herpes?

tell my partner I have herpes?

If you have herpes, you know how painful and uncomfortable an outbreak can
be. Itchy, painful sores are sensitive to the touch and can make bodily functions

Herpes can be managed. The first important step that you need to take is to tell
your partner you have herpes. You may feel highly embarrassed and not feel
that you’d want to tell your partner, but if the roles were reversed, wouldn’t you
appreciate knowing?

Why should I tell my partner?

Herpes is highly contagious. It also stays with you for life as it cannot be cured.
Once a person is infected, the virus moves from the skin cells to the nerve cells
and can remain dormant. Some things can reactivate the virus causing another
outbreak of symptoms. There are many known triggers and it has been found
that the latent virus can be activated by factors such as stress, illness,
menstruation, lower immunity, too much exposure to the sun and more.

Herpes is most contagious roughly 3 days before an outbreak. This is usually
the time when the itchiness or the tingling starts, signifying the onset of the
blisters. One must bear in mind that an outbreak isn’t necessary for the
transmission of herpes. Even if a person does not have a visible outbreak, he or
she can spread the virus to their sexual partner.
By telling your partner that you have herpes, you can lower the risk of him or
her contracting the virus.

Do I have to tell my partner I have herpes?

You are aware of the reasons why you should, but perhaps you are wondering if
you have to tell your partner. There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to
tell your partner that you have herpes. However, if you and your partner are
planning a life together, honesty is an important part of this plan. Moreover,
your partner is likely to respect you for the telling. This can deepen the level of
trust and commitment within your relationship.

Telling someone you love that you have an STI can be hard. The fear of rejection and a possible judgmental attitude can be part of the reason for putting off telling your partner. While there is no law or requirement to tell your partner about your status, it is the responsible and respectable thing to do.

Managing herpes in a relationship

Often people feel more anxious about not telling their partner that they have
herpes than the actual telling. Once you and your partner have spoken about
this, you’ll find that together, you’ll be committed to protecting each other from
the virus.

Obviously, the best way of preventing the spread of the herpes virus is by abstinence. Most people suffering from genital herpes experience intense discomfort and pain during an outbreak. The chances of wanting to be intimate are relatively low. Bearing in mind that herpes can spread during sex even when there are no symptoms present, it is sensible (and highly recommended) that a latex condom is used during sexual intercourse.

Herpes can be spread by oral sex too, so it is advisable to use a dental dam, or,

Managing herpes the natural, drug-free way

If you go to a doctor antiviral drugs are most often prescribed for the treatment
of herpes outbreak symptoms. These include valacyclovir (Valtrex), famciclovir
(Famvir) and acyclovir (Zovirax). Generally these drugs are ineffective or or
minimally effective at best and have side effects. There is no cure for the herpes
There is, however, an all natural treatment that is highly effective in
managing both the duration and intensity of a herpes outbreak. This
natural treatment is made from a combination of amino acids, super
immune herbs and vitamins. HX-2 from HerpesX.com is a completely
natural, totally effective dietary supplement. It does not contain any drugs,
is Non-GMO and gluten free.

HX-2 from HerpesX.com strengthens your immune system, and, it also
assists your body to maximize its natural protein synthesis. This lessens
the herpes virus’ ability to replicate. If you are experiencing an outbreak
you can take HX-2 to minimize the severity and duration of the symptoms.
Moreover, it can be taken as a daily prophylactic. This is highly effective in
preventing outbreaks altogether.

For more information about HX-2 please visit HerpesX.com today.

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