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Herpes & Cold Sores – Enjoy a Healthy Sex Life

Are you concerned about your sex life because you have herpes and cold sores? If you’ve been to the doctor and he or she has diagnosed herpes, you are not alone. Research from the CDC indicates that a sixth of the population in the USA alone have genital herpes.

Where Does Herpes Originate?   

One of two viruses causes genital herpes – herpes simplex type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is usually associated with cold sores found around the mouth, and type 2 is responsible for genital herpes. However, type 1 can also instigate genital herpes. Men and women who have herpes experience periodic breakouts. These painful breakouts include blisters or sores around their genitals. 

Herpes is a virus that once contracted, remains with you for life. A herpes treatment typically prescribed by a doctor would include an anti-retroviral. This can relieve some of the discomfort and pain experienced during a breakout. One must remember that this is not a cure. There are also pearls of wisdom from our Grandmother’s time regarding types of herpes remedies. Some include the use of vinegar, Aloe Vera and vanilla bean extract. Again, one must remember that this is used to relieve symptoms and is not a cure. 

Another way that the herpes virus is spread is through what’s called viral shedding. This means that when you are ill with the virus, the host cells in your body releases infectious virus particles. These are then shed into the environment. People who are infected with herpes go through phases where they are ‘shedding’ the virus. Their bodies are producing virus particles that are infectious during these phases. The particles can be passed onto others through close contact. Interestingly, even if a person doesn’t have symptoms, his body is still producing copies of the virus which can spread. 

Can I Still Have Sex? 

When an outbreak occurs, you’ll have tiny blisters around your genitals, and will feel both uncomfortable and painful. You probably don’t want intimacy during this time. Remember that this is the time when the virus is at its most contagious. It is highly advisable to wait until all the symptoms are gone. If you have an outbreak that is visible, do not have sex. 

Can I Have Oral Sex With Cold Sores? 

A cold sore, or fever blister as they’re also known, is painful. A cold sore occurs when there is an outbreak on your lips and around your mouth. Oral sex is not advisable. The likelihood of spreading the virus is extremely high when cold sores can be seen. 

There is Help

Many herpes treatments and remedies only help with the discomfort experienced after an outbreak. The great news is that there is a treatment that can help prevent such an outbreak. HX-2 is an all-natural, completely effective herpes dietary supplement. Formulated by a person who used to habitually suffer from herpes outbreaks, it helps your body’s immune system with a blend of natural vitamins, amino acids and herbs. These are combined to maximize your body’s natural protein synthesis which in turn suppresses the ability of the virus to replicate.  

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