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Does Herpes Go Away?

When you have painful fever blisters and cold sores around your mouth, you may be wondering if herpes or cold sores ever go away. A cold sore or a fever blister is, at worst, unbelievably painful, and at its mildest, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

How Long Does It Last? 

An outbreak of the symptoms lasts anywhere from 10 days to 4 weeks. During this time, it is likely that you feel self-conscious, embarrassed and sometimes even depressed. You may wonder why you contracted this dreadful virus, if it is some sort of punishment. An interesting fact is that you are not alone. There are hundreds of millions of people throughout the world who have herpes. 

Some people don’t know that they have herpes. They may have contracted this highly contagious virus from touching, kissing or having sex with someone who has it. Unfortunately, this virus can also spread through something called viral shedding, where the infected person doesn’t even know he has it, yet spreads it. 

It can be weeks or months before a person who is infected displays symptoms. Interestingly, it can lie dormant for a very long time before a person experiences any symptoms.  However, among other people, it can take up to 2 to 10 days after contracting it to show symptoms. 

A person with cold sores or fever blisters typically has herpes (HSV-1). This strain is responsible for the outbreaks around the face, including the mouth and sometimes further along the jaw. The other strain (HSV-2), is associated with the genital area. However, both types can be present in either area. 

Will it Ever Go Away? 

The answer to the question of whether herpes goes away can be seen as two different answers. Firstly, this is a virus that, once it enters your body, remains with you for life. The second answer is related to the symptoms, or more commonly called an outbreak. The answer here is yes, the symptoms of herpes do go away. After the initial outbreak of painful blisters or cold sores, they eventually dry out leaving a crusty sore which does, in time, heal. 

One must remember that there is no cure for herpes. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t live life free. It also doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a healthy sex life or intimacy with your partner. It does mean that precautions are more necessary than ever. 

What Can I Do?

If you are worried about whether herpes goes away, you can relieve the symptoms with medication. While conventional antiviral medicine such as Abreva, Acylovir, Famciclovir, Valacyclovir will not completely remove the discomfort, and usually only shortens outbreaks by a few days at best. Bear in mind that herpes cannot be cured. 

The symptoms caused by herpes can be eased by using an immune system strengthening medication. Some doctors may prescribe an anti retroviral to hopefully stop an outbreak before it starts though this is not often the case. The good news is you have options you could try a great new product from HerpesX.com called HX-2. This has been carefully formulated by a herpes sufferer to include amino acids, vitamins and select herbs. This all natural dietary supplement strengthens your immune system, maximizes your body’s protein synthesis and at the same time, suppresses the ability of the virus to replicate.

 Imagine if an outbreak could be prevented? With HX-2, it can! And, not only that, but if you take it in the middle of an outbreak, the severity and duration of the outbreak can be greatly shortened! If you want your Herpes symptoms to go away and enjoy a more intimate life free of Herpes and cold sore outbreaks you can purchase HX-2 from HerpesX.com and Live Life Free!

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